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    Antique Armoury

    Staffordshire, United Kingdom

    01538702738 or 07964858098

    Antique Armoury has over 30 years experience in collecting and exhibiting at British Militaria and Antiques Collectors Fairs. Our services include:

    Authentic pre 1946 antique/ collectible Arms, Armour, Medals and Militaria:

    Medals, Ribbons, Repairs, Research (into customer’s ancestor’s military service history) and Medal Mounting, Antique and Collectors Military and Sporting Muskets, Rifles, Pistols and Blunderbuss (legally owned) Deactivated Guns and Inert/ Dummy Display Bullets (legally owned) Original and Reproduction Armour Swords, Bayonets and Pole Arms Uniforms and Headgear Helmet Plates, Badges, Insignia, Sabretaches, Waist Belt Clasps, Shoulder Belt Plates and Pouches, Nazi Regalia Military Aeronautica Commission Sales, Ornamental military and heraldic plaques Restoration products, expertise and services.

    Personally written local history themed books illustrated talks to local interest groups

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