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    RAF 1941 pattern flying boots

    RAF 1941 pattern flying boots

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    Stores reference 22c/751/2.  Size 8 or 9.  The brown suede uppers are somewhat soiled and rubbed but in decent condition.  The right boots has been marked '71'.   The rubber 'galosh' sections are reasonably flexible but there is some loss, mainly around the upper edges.  Both heel sections are quite rigid but this is completely normal and exactly as they were manufactured.  Original Air Ministry 'Lightning' zips and 'Itshide' soles and heels.  Complete with good ankle straps/buckles.  The fleece linings are a little soiled but reamain good.  Insoles are absent.  Indistinct marks on the the zip tongues.   A  reasonable pair.  Stock code B23361.

    Mid 20th Century


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