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    WW1 German The Kaiser Called Soldiers In The Field & Hospital

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    About this item

    For sale is an exceedingly rare WW1 German propaganda “The Kaiser Called” Berlin 1915 Supplied by the War Committee To Soldiers In The Field on the front line and to those wounded in Hospital. This little pocket booklet has all its 26 pages. 


    A fully translated copy can be seen below, unfortunately I have not been able to find another copy online, so I’ve done my best with the translations, it’s an incredibly interesting read and full of fighting propaganda!


    The front cover reads:


    The Kaiser Called. dedicated to our supervisors un fele by fr x brors. Berlin 1914. War committee to supply the soldiers in the field and in the hospital with reading material. Berlin SW 48, Wilhelmstrasse 37


    The Emperor called.


    Mate! You don't have time for long reading. So just a short word, a few distant words from your emperor.


    1. I hereby decide!" Why did you hurry so quickly to the flag, comrade? Oh, the Kaiser called and everyone, everyone famous. On August 1, 1914, the Reichsanzeiger said:


    I hereby decree that the German Army and the Imperial Navy are to be deployed in readiness for action in accordance with the mobilization plan for the German Army and the Imperial Navy. August 2, 1914 is set as the first day of mobilization.


    Signed Wilhelm I. R.


    Signed by Bethmann Hollweg." The emperor called and I too hurried to the flag. In the emperor I recognize the authority seized by God. God gave him the sword to protect the country and to chastise every injustice. He is Our king by the grace of God. Obedience is due him in God's name. So I hastened to the flag. God required it of me.


    You did right, mate."


    I was allowed to do insights into this organization and how the 21ut and the confidence of a. single man, she filled me with equal admiration." This is how Sven Hedin speaks about you, comrades,


    It's true: never has an order from our Kaiser been carried out so quickly, so joyfully, so enthusiastically as the order to mobilize. And our Kaiser has never grown so dear to us as in the first days of August 1914. Since then, the German Dolf and his Kaiser have found one heart and one soul, one will and one deed like never before. I see it in your eyes, dear comrade


    you have faith in your emperor and in the holy cause to which he has called you. Don't be sorry if I summarize your thoughts in the words of the great Swedish researcher Sven Hedin, which he uttered on November 8th in Berlin. He said: I stayed in the midst of your (the German) armies for 3 months, and I am now returning to my homeland with unshakable confidence that Germany will emerge victorious from this battle. Your date does not need to fear for a moment about the final outcome. I spoke to thousands of soldiers. Every single one was from the rock. firm will to vouch for Germany's victory. Not just because, from a soldier's point of view, the man only wants to believe in victory. No! Because everyone is aware of what is at stake and that his fatherland would lose not a campaign but his very existence. And so I saw them going into battle caught, so I met them in the field. and war hospitals, overjoyed, not that they were cured, but that they were soon going to meet the enemy again! An army of millions composed of such people would have to fly even if its organization were not as perfect as the German one.




    about our hero army. Isn't it really like that? isn't he absolutely right? you will be almost even happier about what he thinks about our heroic emperor. He said: And now your supreme leader: the Kaiser. I was lucky enough to learn how to kip him in earlier years. He hasn't changed. I was allowed to meet him several times and I can tell you that he has nothing of his freshness and agility. has lost. He has also remained completely the same in his appearance. The Kaiser, you can take it almost literally, is busy 24 hours a day, every day. Everything has to be asked, communicated to him and worked on by him. I have often wondered how the Emperor could endure this physically and mentally. I think I've found the answer. It is his clear conscience that he is not only blameless before God, for his contemporaries and posterity, for this world conflagration, but that he has done his utmost to prevent it.


    The Germanic cause could not wish for a better accomplisher than fate granted it in the person of this emperor. It is as if ever he was born for this time. For, as he gave his last for peace, jo ject for the attainment of victory. He feels that he bears the responsibility for shaping German destiny, and all his feelings, thoughts and actions are directed towards this today" (Monday, November 9, 14).


    President found the case of Chingiaus to the Emperor, replied Se. Majesty: The heroic Der. Defending the airbed of German culture, created over many years of work, forms a new rhyme sheet for the spirit of tears to the death, which the German people with their army and fleet in the current battle of defense against a world of hatred, anger and covetousness already want in many ways God, don't be in vain. acted."


    Bravo, old Swede," I exclaim, you've done well. God reward you! We proudly look back on our heroes, happy and heroes!" And you, comrade, are told to me: And this emperor called and I came and I held him


    Faithful in need and death. Hooray high!


    2. "In forced self-defense." With God for king and country" towards the enemy" Hooray! That's your battle cry, brave comrade!


    the fatherland in distress"!


    This is what our Emperor said in his throne speech on August 4th, we are not driven by the air of conquest, the indomitable Witte inspires us to keep the place where God has placed us, for us foumeno in need! For this is how the Kaiser family continued: "In the imposed Red Army


    "Us Jur's Fatherland"








    ... let's take up the sword."


    Germany's army, Germany's trade, German. lands fleet must be destroyed - Germany lands greatness lets Russia and France and especially England no longer sleep! England's naval supremacy is threatened! Russia takes part of Austria, European Turkey, Asia Minor and East Germany up to the Elbe! Why not! France receives Alsace-Lorraine and the entire left bank of the Rhine, o how sweet is revenge! England, the demure, the humble, the honorable. liable, only takes our colonies, our trade, our fleet and the few Hansa towns with the Kaiser Wilhelm Canal, Helgoland of course as Plein sten Brocken, but nothing else, not Hanover and not Oldenburg. Generous as always! Only the annoying competition wants to get rid of you Freedom for yourself on all seas! Nothing else? Of course there is also a bit of servitude for everyone else, but without that British freedom is unthinkable. But the greatness of Germany must be destroyed, is the oath of our enemies, their dearest heart's desire. That, o comrade, you knew that the fatherland is in trouble! That's why you left father and mother,


    First we were two against ten, today three against ten! The number of enemies can still increase. Our worst enemy is England. England


    wanted war, England fomented war.


    England will make peace last.


    We are inexorably engaged in a trade war


    England and we can meet him at any hour


    We can have it whenever we want," said a general as early as 1907! Now we have war. Envy gave birth to this world war, greed will not let it come to an end. On the occasion of the condolence telegram from the Reichstag.


    3. "Up there is our great ally." The Katfor said to the assembled Reichstag: 1It was with a heavy heart that I had to mobilize my army against a neighbor with whom it had fought together on so many battlefields I broke a friendship that had been so dearly preserved by Germany. The Imperial Ruffian government, yielding to the pressure of an insatiable nationalism, campaigned for a state which, by favoring criminal attacks, caused the disaster of this war." Those were the two enemies, Serbia and Russia. There was more to it than that: it didn't surprise us that Frant Reich also took the side of our opponents. Too often are our efforts to befriend the French Republic. to move on to clearer relationships encountered old hopes and old grudges."


    House and yard, maybe even wife and child. I know that was the hardest part too. A loyal militiaman said to me: The hardest thing isn't hunger and hardship, the hardest thing was saying goodbye to wife and child. That almost tore my heart in two!" But Daterland called and Daterland was in trouble, so you remembered the poet's words:


    First you belong to your God Jhm first of all the homeland.


    Him first not only wife and child, God first the fatherland, the homeland! With the Daterland we save house and farm and wife and child. for the fatherland, for the dear we stand up with property and blood. It should not and must not perish. A tough fight! Our Dolf has never seen anything heavier. The world too. history not. But our Emperor warns us: Following the example of our fathers, firm and faithful, serious and chivalrous, humble before God and ready to fight before the enemy, we trust in the eternal omnipotence that wants to strengthen our defenses and steer them to a good end. Yes, want to lead to a good end! The enemies will bite on granite. We want to show them our teeth. One of us comrades has our Ge. thank you in the words: We will fight to the last man." Yes, that's how it is. That's how we all found it. The Crown Prince of Bavaria shouted to his brave regiments: "Up!" The Kaiser ordered us all: And now we want to beat them up!" Yes, on! Now we want to beat them up! The country in need? for the fatherland until death! Isn't it, comrade?


    And soon followed Belgium and England and Montenegro and Monaco and Egypt and South Africa and last of all, perhaps the most insidious of all our enemies, instigated by the perfidious "21lbion", dishonest Japan.


    Enemies right and left, on water and on land, enemies in all five parts of the world, because audy Canada and Australia are sending their troops against us. Whether the line of enemies is complete?


    And we stood alone as a knightly se fundant at the side of our federal brother Austria Hungary. On the side of Austria. Hungary," the Emperor said to the members of the Reichstag, not only calls on us to form our alliance. At the same time, we have the tremendous task of working with the old cultural community of the two kingdoms


    Seeing all the misery the war had caused, he fell on his knees and begged heaven for peace to come, soon. Without Bott the emperor does not want to fly and without God Fann he does not want to fly. He knows that. 21over he is pervaded by the help of God down to the very soul. God is with us!" Every soldier wears these words engraved in bronze on his belt: Gott mit uns", and every German man feels it with a tender heart: God is with us. For this war is a war of justice against the kingslayers and their accomplices. It is a war of the German Reich, which trusts completely in God, against the driftus. hostile French government. It is a war of peace-loving empires against selfish and greedy grazers. The Emperor put his highest trust in God. Don Gott begs the German Doll for the victory of his armies. "With God" our comrades have gone into the field - with God they have thrown themselves into the deadly fire with God so far they have fought everywhere, whether they paid for the victory with their blood or fought down the enemy courageously and gloriously and returned alive from the throng of battle are, all, we are all convinced with our dear Emperor: Our great and greatest ally is up there!


    To protect our own position against the onslaught of enemy forces." Two against ten! The Turk joined us both at the end of October. England, Russia, France had long dreamed of a joint division of the Ottoman Empire. So the Turk became the third in ours Bunde. Drei! Nobody more P


    And yet we have a fourth ally, whom we can only name with reverence. Kaiser Wilhelm was in Luremburg in September. There he attended the military hospital in the Redemptorist monastery. As Eazarett. was spiritual to the Emperor P. Müller from the Order of St. Camillus presented. Fr. Müller said jokingly: We Fathers and Your Majesty's Allies, we fight above all against the Alcohol Penalty." Father," said the Emperor, that's good, but our great Allies are up there."


    The Emperor trusts in the just cause, in his good law, in his death-defying army, in his daring navy, in his self-sacrificing Dolf, but above all and above all he trusts in God's help, the eternal omnipotence that strengthens and protects our defenses want to lead to a good end".


    Aren't you, comrade, and we want to keep it that way and not leave the hand of the Almighty!


    He and his Dolf want to be happy to fight before the enemy, but first humble before God". Immediately on July 31, the Emperor admonished his people: And now icy commend you to God. Now go to the churches, kneel before God and pray him for help for our brave army." One day the Emperor came near


    verdun 211s he there the terrible desolation and




    4. "With a clear conscience and a clean hand." "The current situation did not arise from previous conflicts of interest or diplomatic constellations, it is the result of a




    both wield the sword with a clean hand. No matter how often the enemy violated the Dölferrecht, no matter how often the opponents soiled their hands with cruelty and unnecessary violent measures, our Emperor did not allow himself to be carried away to injustice. He fights for a just cause with just means, with a clear conscience and a clean hand. God is his witness. Comrade, look forward to the sublime example


    your emperor! Comrade, do you also go to war with a clear conscience and a clean hand? God be Dant, yes I did. I went to war with a clear conscience. I didn't need it


    Our emperor is a emperor of peace: We were able to stay on the path to peace for almost half a century," so it says again in the same chronicle tough tests. In unswerving honesty, my government has pursued the development of all physical, intellectual and economic strengths as its highest goal, even under challenging circumstances. The world has been Jeuge, how tirelessly we stood in the first to spare the peoples of Europe a war between great powers."


    through narrowness and deceit, like the English mercenary, to be praised as just and holy our cause. I know the honesty and sincerity of our Emperor, I know that he was forced into war against his will. I know that we are waging the war as atonement for the horrific crime of the Serbs, out of loyalty to Austria Hungary, to whom we swore allegiance and which has always remained loyal to us. Each of us comrades knows that we are going into this terrible war out of love for our hard-pressed fatherland. "We are not driven by the desire to conquer, we are inspired by the indomitable will to preserve the place on which God has placed us, for us and for all generations to come." Ich 30g into the fight with pure force.


    We did not want the war: From the documents that you have received, the Kaiser continues, you will see how my government and, above all, my chancellor tried to avert the worst until the last moment."


    But Russia mobilized. France has mobilized. England stoked the conflagration until the flames of war shot high in the sky. We were forced into war. Run then "in forced self-defense with a clear conscience and a clean hand we take up the sword". In this world war no prince has such a clear conscience as our godly heroic emperor and his high ally, the emperor and king Franz Joseph". And with


    Comrade, even with a clean hand P Yes, even with a clean hand! My hand is not armed with insidious cunning and brute force, not with cowardly lies and cruel lust for revenge, my weapons find honesty and Trene




    for years and years against that of the Germans on the 4th of May flipped and flared this world war. didn't want the war






    ready to fight! Certainly! It's a fight. joy in our soldiers that borders on the miraculous. Who would have guessed? And the front!" 2ch, when are we finally going to the front?" That's how the found talk, whether young or old. 2n the front!" Among all the wounded there is only one wish: Back to the front!" "But we want to get back at them!" get less nine leun I don't have any more shots, but I don't have to bleed for it either! 211le nine!" fo shouted a wounded man. And the eyes shine and the hands clench: Go to the front!" fight


    find 2 Tannesmunt and discipline, find fear of God and trust in God. We German comrades only want to eat with a clear conscience and a clean hand. Admittedly, with an indomitable will and with sword in hand: We want to thrash them like this! Made your reckoning with the Him. mel!" shouts the enemy. Comrade! Do you know that


    Word of our great Schiller?


    And if I know it! Yes, I also reckoned with heaven before I went out. 30g from home. I knelt before the Most High, confessed my guilt, my greatest guilt, and cried out to heaven: Lord, have mercy on me, a poor sinner, have mercy on me for the sake of the blood of Christ. You who are the highest, the holiest, the most just, oh, if I had never offended you, Lord, have mercy on me poorest sinner!" So prayed


    our people are happy. Comrades, are you also humble before God? Your emperor demands it: first in humility, then in battle. joyful. Your Lord God demands it: "God resists the proud, He gives his grace to the humble." Are you also humble before God? Your strong one


    I. I have met the flesh of the Son of man, and I have drunk his most holy blood. Thus fortified with the Saviour's power I went to war. With a pure heart. And whenever my conscience oppresses me in war, at least in spirit I hasten to the source of grace, to my joyful Redeemer: Lord, be merciful to me a sinner again! That's how it bravely goes into the fire. I fear not bullet and death. God is with us. Are you satisfied with me P Yes, comrade, that's what I call tamping with a clear conscience and a clean hand.


    Poor is of no use to you, it will go limp if the Almighty does not support it. He is the Lord of hosts and the ruler of battles. If heaven does not protect the fatherland, the watch stands in vain on the banks of the Rhine. Comrade, do you know that: The only way to victory is to be humble before God! God casts down the proud from their thrones, but lifts up the humble." The way to victory is: He who humbles himself will be exalted." How nice that our Emperor first admonishes us to be humble and then also to have the courage to fight!


    Comrade, are you also humble before God? Yes, what does that mean? That means: God is Lord and I am


    am his servant and I want to be.


    5. "Humble before God."


    Humble before God and ready to fight before the enemy Do you know, comrade, this order of the day." Your emperor?










    to requisition food in enemy country enemy country may our army live from the enemy only then you may take it, but not for you that would be robbery but for the army. Thou shalt not rob, neither in peace nor in war! You must not mistreat or even kill innocent women, children and griffins, you must not desecrate women and girls, not at home and not in enemy country. Against franktireurs there were also women and - defend yourself with everything his warlord puts in your hand, with dagger and revolver, with powder and dynamite. But every woman in the conquered country must be as safe from rape as mother and sister and daughter comrade! So many people in Belgium and far away at home. Yes, think of your mother and yours welcome the entry of the German troops! Do you know why? Oh, finally you are protected from rape and robbery by your own people. Don you fear nothing. And they should be right. Yes, that's the way it has to be! Iron discipline is our salvation. A few weeks ago a soldier was sentenced to 16 years in prison for looting. That's awfully hard! 2ber good. If we followed a different moral code in war than in peace, we would have rightly earned the name "barbarians", as our enemies love to do


    his will is my supreme law.


    That wants to ask: The old God still lives and That wants to ask: His commandments are my commandments, and his ways find my ways. The war didn't change that. There is no other morality for peace and another morality for war. Recently someone wrote an article "Morality in a State of War" and he said: "Right hand, left hand, everything reversed". speaks of a completed reversal of the peace morale" and cites as proof: "One of the first commandments was: You shall not kill. The one of the hour is: You shall kill so much." than, dear comrade, leave off such words


    don't beguile. The war morale is none other than the peace morale. The laws of God, the commandments of God are just as valid in war. It is also permitted in peace, namely in self-defence. Shouldn't Awie teen have defended 21bel fich against his brother and murderer Cain? Even in war it is not allowed to murder, but it is right to defend yourself in "forced self-defense"! And if the enemies are eight million and your emperor puts his sword in your hand and if you alone mow down thousands, that is right and duty and heroic deed. You may kill them all. The more, the better. The faster we will have peace. But you shall not murder, neither in peace nor in war." This commandment of God is also part of war morale.


    call us. No, the ten commandments of Sinai also apply on the battlefield and in enemy territory. Civil and military must bow to them.


    God is supreme warlord also in the front line. Let us remain his obedient and humble servants. For God's sake, comrade, stay


    Comrade, you must not steal, not in peace, not even in war! Only if your emperor or your general in the name of the emperor orders you




    Father and your mother and your wife and children. If the enemy attacks your country, force him down, render him harmless, kill him so that he can no longer fight - but don't attack him. Don't eat yourself, faithful comrade. err when someone writes about wartime morale that is so completely different from peacetime morale. If someone also writes: “The lesson (formerly) was at the top: love your neighbor as yourself. The demand of the hour is: Hafſe, because without Hay the war cannot be waged with the necessary panache." No, they are not. male anger at the injustice done to us by the enemy. He does not resist a flare-up of indignation at the atrocities committed by the enemy on defenseless brothers or sisters


    humble before God" and obedient to his battle! Without God we cannot fight our enemies as Christians."


    6. Uuch


    And now we want to beat them up!" Yes, you can do that, comrades. That is your holy Christian duty. The Emperor was allowed to order you to do that. ug by 2ug', tooth by tooth!" - Stop, that's not what the Emperor said. You !" Mouth. As you do to me, so I also the word fam not from the emperor. You may never reconcile evil with evil. You may defeat the enemy with all means of just warfare. But you may not take revenge. Revenge is mine says the Lord and it must remain his. Tormenting a powerless enemy is not allowed, any cruelty is strictly frowned upon. We are Christians and not barbarians. We can pity the Belgians and the French, but we must hate or despise the English!" no! no! a Christian must not speak like that. Why not? Listen:


    but he forbids vengeance and hatred. The Emperor may exercise the authority as he has now done to the English in our country. But he does not want to repay cruelty with cruelty, never evil with evil.


    Your Savior says: You have heard that it was said: You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I ask you: love your enemies, do good to those who hate you and pray for those who persecute and slander you, so that you may be children of your Father who is in heaven, who causes his sun to rise on the good and the bad and 'rain on the just and the unjust.'


    You must not hate your enemy either - you must rather love him. You must love your fatherland and yours more than your enemy




    The emperor adheres to the teachings of his master and lord: love your enemies." Many of our enemies, hundreds of thousands, are in our hands. Even the English in the prison camp at Döberit declared that they were satisfied with the treatment. No one is tormented, We don't feel courage in anyone. Cruelty is not the German way. We have far too much heart and soul and, thank God, still too much Christianity for that. Everywhere the war prayer is performed, which the Emperor himself wrote and it says






    ask us where our Kaiser is waiting for the best: Our help in the name of the Lord The Kaiser calls on his beloved German Doll to pray, to pray in church, to pray on your knees, to pray for our brave army. Comrades! You don't need to despair. Behind you is a whole army of praying men and women. Behind the army of


    Warriors stand the armies of love and Bebettoch is never a real one in German districts. famerer encouragement to prayer than from the mouth of our Emperor on July 31st. And never




    is a people a prince in a religious


    Wishes followed happier than our German people


    the German Kaiser, where he asks it to


    18 so that we can show ourselves to be Christians even against our enemies." But the Christian must not hate the enemy, he must still love the enemy. Doesn't the German Dolk fill these Christians


    duty? German atrocities are repeatedly described to the French by their officers: Woe to you, if you fall into the hands of the Germans, they will bring everyone, wounded and prisoners, (if only our captured and wounded brothers in enemy country had it everywhere as good as them Prisoners with us! Recently, a lieutenant wrote in a letter from the field: "We marched across the battlefield to keep the telegraph in order. We saw terrible things. I won't tell Dody about that. I also saw uplifting things. It was touching to see how a German militiaman with a lot of love carried a badly wounded Englishman, who had been shot in the stomach, to the association poster more than guided."


    public prayers. Ask and you will receive," admonishes and promises the Savior at the same time.


    Oh yes, so every comrade should fulfill his soldiers' duty and fight the able-bodied enemy to the death, but also show himself to be a Christian against the defenseless enemy. The christ must not attack his enemy.


    7. "Ask him for help for our brave army." And now I commend you to God. Now go to the churches, bow down before God and ask him for help for our brave army." Also this imperial word


    history of Germany will no longer be wiped out. With golden letters it stands there for eternity.




    Comrades! Prayers have been praying every day since July 31 in all churches. The war devotions are crowded. Our Dolk has never been so pious. The whole Dolk prays. Even the half-hearted, the lukewarm, the careless, who for years had forgotten the Lord God, Lot forced them to pray again. They kneel in church like children and pray again as mother taught them.


    Comrades! There is a lot of prayer at home. You know it all too well, without God's protection and grace the individual is as good as the whole village lost. In the dreadful battle the short note goes home: That's why one of you from the field wrote after the battle greetings. Mother, pray!" He wrote no more. But he knew, Mother's prayer




    in bonds, but in their hearts they prayed to the Lord." and the victory was theirs.


    Let us pray with the words of our Haifer, which he himself found heavenward: Almighty, merciful: God! Lord of hosts! We humbly ask for your almighty support for our German fatherland. Bless the whole give us jammed German war victories and power. lead us


    Grace that we also fight against our enemies


    prove to be scriptures.


    Let's get to one soon


    the honor and independence of Germany


    achieve a permanent guarantee of peace."


    had saved him in the hot battle. Mother, pray, 21Tutter, keep on praying that the Lord will continue to protect me! Yes, comrade! Ju house is prayed. Do you pray too? Do you also pray in the field, before battle, in battle, after battle?


    We have heard from many of your brothers, oh, what they pray! A wounded captain came home from Belgium and he said: Yes, if there's a fire, then everyone prays, even the worst silly children, fellow." And another captain called out to his soldiers in the trenches: I'd like that you pray, but not so loud that you no longer understand my command!" The Emperor called to prayer and everyone came. Where is the soldier who does not pray before battle and in the fire? A praying army and that is the German army a Dolk that prays will also fly. God-fearing peoples can only be blessed on earth, just as a godless dolf receives his punishment here below. In the hereafter, in the judgment of God, the villagers no longer stand together. Dölfer blessing and people's curse is only distributed by the Almighty on earth. We must win, we want to win, we will win!" These words of the courageous Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria are true. We will win because we are still praying.


    Comrades! You in the field and we at home, let us faithfully heed the admonition of our God-fearing Emperor! Come, let us kneel before God and let us ask for help for our brave army. Let's follow the Makkah bear heroes, who are said to have fought with us


    8. "Through hardship and death." Our Emperor spoke in his Speech from the Throne


    to the assembled Dolfsboten: To show that you are firmly resolved, without party differences, without tribal differences, without clashes. In order to hold out with me through thick and thin, through hardship and death, I call on the leaders of the parties to come forward and pledge this to me."


    It was Dolke's pledge of allegiance to his


    Heldenkaſer - it was everyone's willingness to


    heroic death Through distress and death" our brave comrades hold out first with our heroic emperor. The first song I heard from our soldiers on their march into enemy country always ended with the words: And the most beautiful death is death in the field."


    23 Haifer through thick and thin, through distress your his in the heroic death for the homeland. 0, the graves of heroes have already been dug by many, outside in enemy country and inside at home. Every town and almost every village has already paid the fine in blood and placed it on the altar of the country, boldly follow the brave brothers! Sie comrade, your emperor is not kept in heaps in his safe home, he is also urged to the front. He was often there, right down to the pits. We tremble for him. We admire his daring. He fights with you in Perhaps you have already greeted and admired him in a hostile manner: 0 Kaiser, you dater. O we ten p of the Dalam Ichone but of your precious life! How the enemies in all five parts of the world cheer if they could hit you with a bomb! How would the German people, your trenes people, merr and flag if you were torn from them! wailing We could never be happy, even with the most glorious final victory, if you, o Kaiser, would not gloriously march back home through the Brandenburg Gate with the victorious troops!




    Comrades, it is like this: the most beautiful death is death in the field! Hit by an enemy bullet, the comrade at your side fins down. still gives him your hand you for the last farewell you cry one more tear for him this brother's tear you don't need to be ashamed farewell you good comrade, you died the most beautiful death, the death for the fatherland and then it's called comrade!. it: Forward, hooray! The ball is already loaded, which will also hit you. Don't tremble! If you sink down too, you too bleed to death on the battlefield, we'll put you in there with your comrade, there's no other way into a Maffen's grave, no, no into a hero's grave. We'll plant a simple little cross on the quiet hill and write on it: those who rest here rest in peace, because they died a hero's death for the Daterland.


    Emperor, spare your life! And the Emperor will say to us: Shall I rest while my comrades bleed and die?


    Mate! After the Emperor! Protect his precious life and be it with your corpse! Yes, I promise: with my Kaiser I will stick through thick and thin, through hardship and death, and if you die, it's a hero's death! I only ask one thing, forget the fallen




    Comrade, and even if it wasn't the bullet that pierced your chest, it would also be a bullet from a sneaky enemy, whose bleeding wound you lovingly bandaged, it would also be the rear-lift attack of a frantic shooter, the waves of the sea or a devour you Swamp, which completely flagged your exhausted strength, were it a wound that slowly led you towards death in the home hospital or a creeping fever that the war brought you, you die for the country, for the dear; Even if you were taken prisoner and slowly tortured to death by hunger or distress - perhaps it would be the hardest death - but always death for the country, a hero's death. friend and comrade! wait




    Not comrades, embed him in feel earth, whether there. At home or out there, where I rest, I rest in God's earth, in a hero's grave, and where I die, I want to die a hero's death. And I ask one more thing: Plant a simple cross on my grave and on the grave of each of my fallen comrades, as on the heroes' graves on the Spicherner Berge, and write the simple words on it: He died for his father. country! Then, I say, death is death in the field because it is the most beautiful and we will never see each other again in our homeland, but up there in our eternal homeland we will all see each other again, and we also went through hardship and death on the way to this homeland.. Hooray high! The Emperor shouted! After the Emperor through hardship and death! Hooray!


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    The law regarding sales of items like this vary depending which country you are in. If in doubt, please check the law in your country.

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