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    Luftwaffe flying gauntlets

    Luftwaffe flying gauntlets

    $240 (approx conversion from £185)

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    Dark brown chromed leather gloves with a gussetted cuff section.  Leather straps with press stud fasteners at the wrist and cuffs.  Lambswool fleece lining within the glove section but unlined at the cuffs.  Overall condition is very good, they are supple and undamaged with just normal wear and use.  The wrist straps are good but some metal componants have surface corrosion.  The linings appear good but the original markings have been scratched out/obliterated with ink - presumably to de-militarize them.  This pattern of glove was most popular with bomber and reconnaisance crews.  See p140 'Luftwaffe Vs RAF'.  Stock code GA22912.



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