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    RAF Mk.VIII flying sunglasses, cased

    RAF Mk.VIII flying sunglasses, cased

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    Stores reference 22c/961.  Standard WW2 issue MK.VIII anti-glare spectacles/sunglasses.  Grey-green tinted lenses set within steel wire frames with side-arms featuring 'wrap-around' ear pieces.  The frames are generally in good '+' condition bar light tarnishing, some soiling and verdigris deposits.  Good hinges although the arms have some vertical and horizontal play. The left lens has some small chips at the edges but they display well and vision is unaffected.  Air Ministry and War Department broad arrow and reference numbers are stamped into one sidearm. The other has the original owner's name 'Jackson' carefully scratched in.  They come in an alloy case for the later Type F sunglasses.  Stock code G18763.



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