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    WW1 RNAS flying goggles c.1917, cased

    WW1 RNAS flying goggles c.1917, cased

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    WW1 period Royal Naval Air Service issue flying goggles.  These are manufactured with a soft leather facemask, brushed cotton backing and fur edge trim.  The lenses, technically known as 'filters', are mounted in hinged metal frames set within the facemask and a simple elastcated strap and clasp complete the goggle.  They were worn to assist visibility when searching for enemy shipping, submarines and mines at sea when viewed from the air.  The instruction booklet explains how different coloured tinted laminated glass filters could be used for various tasks and conditions.  These include observation through atmospheric haze, looking for water movement and surface disturbances caused by shipping, oil on the sea or even shadows beneath the surface.  Over land they could help with the spotting of gun flashes, gun pits and dug-outs and some filters were also useful when flying at night.  This pair was found in Malta close to the location of the WW1 No.6 wing R.N.A.S. seaplane base so it would seem likely that they originated there.  They are in very good, possibly unissued condition.  The leather, frames and fur are really good and the strap also looks good although it now lacks any elasticity.  Light soiling, marking and verdigris deposits throughout but nothing serious.  The goggles come with a full set of 16 filters in place within the original fitted wooden storage case. They also come with the original 6 page instruction booklet which has a 1917 print date.  This has some staining, corroded staples and loose pages.  The box and spare filters all appear to be in  good condition.  We sold the second pair we'd ever had early last year and are very pleased to be able to offer another now.  Lovely condition,  extremely rare and at over 100 years old, a genuine antique!  Stock code G23469.



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