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    Energa Anti-Tank Rifle Practice Grenade (FFE)

    Energa Anti-Tank Rifle Practice Grenade (FFE)

    $48 (approx conversion from £35)

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    Inert Energa Anti-Tank Rifle Practice Grenades (FFE)

    Manufactured in Belgium ca 1950 by MECAR SA and sold to numerous NATO and Allied Armies and issued to British Soldiers in 1952 for No4 rifle and later the L1A1. Black steel body with alloy tail and fins; it was fired using a blank ballistic round with an effective range of 75 yards.

    Mint Condition in its original card tube. (FFE)  OA 36cm

    Original Price £55

    Discount 35%, Saving £20

    Offer Price £35 + £8 P&P each



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