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    Italian Beretta Model 12 Submachine Gun

    Italian Beretta Model 12 Submachine Gun

    $520 (approx conversion from £378)

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    Italian Beretta Model 12 Submachine Guns

    A 9mm parabellum selective-fire SMG designed in the late 50s with production starting in the early 60s, it was issued to the Carabinieri and State Police. It is a very nice looking gun with double pistol grips, side folding stock and large capacity magazine. Fine Condition with most finish. 

    It saw much success in Arab countries and in South America and played a prominent role in 1968 when the US Marines guarding the US Embassy in Saigon used it with great effect to repel an assault by the Vietcong. It was also used in the Vietnam and Afghanistan Wars.

    DEACTIVATED to current EU 2018/337 Specification, with moving parts but non dry-firing, complete with EU/UK Certificate.  OA 42cm, Brl 20cm.

    Original Price £445

    Discount 15%, Saving £67

    Sale Price £378 + £18 P&P 

    Late 20th Century


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