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    1943 Devonshire Regiment GS Beret Cap

    1943 Devonshire Regiment GS Beret Cap

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    A good used example of the General Service beret cap, introduced from 1943 and intended to replace the Field Service cap.

    This particular example is made from barathea wool as opposed to serge. This material was used on earlier manufactured caps before changing to the same serge as used on the battle dress uniform in around late 1944/ early 1945. This example has a faint War Department stamp with the code 'N' visible above, indicating this one was an early issue made in 1943. The condition is generally very good, with some wear to the serge and some overall grubbiness and marking in places. The manufacturers stamp is very faint and is unfortunately barely perceivable. A Devonshire Regiment bi-metal cap badge is fixed to the front, however it may not be original to the cap judging by the light evidence of another badge having been fitted.

    Overall a good used example of the beret that has become synonymous with British tommies through the latter part of the war.

    The approximate size is 6 7/8.



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