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    Gabardine SS officer's M43 cap

    Gabardine SS officer's M43 cap "Stasni cap"

    $3,100 (approx conversion from €2600)

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    This is a genuine SS officer's gabardine M-43 cap. This is one of the caps that came out of the "Stasni" costume hoard and is sometimes referred to as a "Stasni cap". These caps were found in various conditions, some with and some without their emblems. This one seems tot have the original skull attached while the eagle has been re-added. Some minor nicks and tugs on the material and silver piping and the stiching of the internal lining is loose in places. The original size stamp is still visible on the lining, the post war "Stasni" stamp on the lining has been obscured. The staining on the sweatband indicates that the cap has been worn at some point.



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