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    Standard Wehrmacht Steel Helmet

    Standard Wehrmacht Steel Helmet

    $170 (approx conversion from £125)

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    This Group of Steel Helmets are all original German factory made pieces by various makers. They are the basic M40 helmet which was used throughout the German NAZI Services.

    When WW2 ended, the Finnish Government purchased many thousands of these helmets for their own military, these helmets became known as the M40/55.

    They have recently been released from Finland and have had the leather liners replaced and the German military insignia re-applied.

    They are not reproduction helmets and are more than 70 years old. Available at a fraction of the cost of helmets that remained in Germany.

    Standard Wehrmacht Steel Helmet

    Grey green matt finish with service wear and minor denting commensurate with their age. M40 pattern rolled edge, army decals of Eagle and Swastika and Shield of black, white and red. Excellent Condition

    £125 + £12 P&P



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