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    WW2 Attributed Royal Navy Petty Officer's cap

    WW2 Attributed Royal Navy Petty Officer's cap

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    WW2 Royal Navy Petty Officer's cap to Petty Officer F W J Bradshaw contained in its original tin. Also included are several items of original insignia - medal ribbons including Atlantic and Pacific Stars, printed and rank insignia and a small ID book. The interesting factor here is Bradshaw's ship which is noted as D of Y - HMS Duke of York. 
    Condition - The cap and badge are in excellent condition. The tin has dents and rusting to the exterior. There is a blank space where a name plate once existed.

    Important note: HMS Duke of York played a significant role in the sinking of the German pocket battleship Scharnhorst. Bradshaw's service on the Duke of York is worthy of further research.



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