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    Original 1940s US Navy N-4 Deck Jacket

    Original 1940s US Navy N-4 Deck Jacket

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    An original United States Navy N-4 Deck jacket in a small size.

    Officially referred to as the N4 Field jacket, this USN item closely resembles it Army counterpart the M41. The main differences between the two are that the USN version is a darker green and does not feature epaulettes or the button tabs to the wrists. These jackets were made at the same time as the heavier N-4 Deck jackets but offered a intermediate weight option.

    The jacket features a cotton shell and green coloured wool liner like its army counterpart. It features a brass 'Conmar' branded zipper with bell shaped puller, typical of those found on US made military jackets of the 1940s. The zip is hidden behind a button fly which features 6 buttons whilst the is another button on the underside of the collar to allow it to be fastened around the neck.

    The front of the jacket features the standard 'U.S.N' stencil to the left breast which is still relatively clear. Inside the jacket below the collar there is clear evidence of where the original contract label was stitched although it is sadly no longer present. This means it is impossible to date the jacket exactly but the material, buttons and zip date this to around the time of the Second World War.

    The jacket is a small size and will suit someone of around a 36" chest depending on desired fit. When laid flat it measures -

    Chest - 20 1/2"
    Inside arm - 18 1/4"
    Outside arm - 23 1/4"
    Length - 24"

    The jacket is in reasonable condition for its age but has seen plenty of use in its life. Overall it presents well, the zip is in good working order and all the original buttons are present. There are a number of period repairs to the jacket which are detailed in the pictures and add to its character. The edges of the pockets and the cuffs have also been repairer with a slightly contrasting material which also appears to be an original period repair job. The liner has suffered from some shrinkage as is common with this style of jacket. All of these points have been taken into account with the price.

    Whilst not a mint condition example, this jacket has lots of character and some great looking period repairs. A good addition to any collection!

    Mid 20th Century


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