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    RAF combined pattern flying suit, Observer

    RAF combined pattern flying suit, Observer

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    'Combined Flying Jacket And Light Webbing Harness for Two-Point Detachable Pack (Observer's Type), Jacket'. Stores reference 15A/286. Extremely scarce 'Observer' pattern of the combined flying jacket, often referred to as a 'harnessuit'. Manufactured by J. B. Brooks & Co. Ltd., Birmingham, England.  Size medium.  Dated14th November 1940. The Observer pattern harnessuit had provision for a clip-on two-point chest type parachute pack only. Manufactured from heavy olive drab cotton with twin full length front zip fasteners and zipped pockets. The suit is in reasonably good used condition. It looks like something may have been spilt on it at some point, possibly hydraulic fluid, the material in these areas being marked/bleached out, mainly on the left lower front and rear.  There is a repaired tear on the left side and some other small weaker frayed areas.  All zips are original and complete with leather puller tags. Complete with the detachable fabric stole that would have contained the inflatable stole (bladder).  Both the actual stole and webbing harness are absent (the latter of which are near impossible to find). Excellent large Air Ministry and A.I.D. marked label with the owner's name.  Modified with the addition of a 'D' ring dinghy lanyard patch. Unusual manufacturer, the vast majority were made by Irvin or G.Q.  It is also unusual to find service used examples of combined pattern suits.  A superb piece of kit and useful for completing a mannequinn as it removes the need for a separate parachute harness and mae-west.  So much rarer than the standard 'combined' pattern suit this is one of a handful known to exist.  Stock code S24531.



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