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    RAF 1941 pattern Mae West, Flap Type c/w dye pack

    RAF 1941 pattern Mae West, Flap Type c/w dye pack

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    'Life-saving Waistcoat, Stole Inflated'.  Stores reference 22c/448.  Size large.  The cloth is generally in excellent condition bar a small hole on the front right lobe as shown.  It retains good colour and is generally clean with only light marking and small stains.  The Mae West has all leg straps, both grab handles, tying tapes and original buttons, inflation lever pocket, floatation lamp pocket, lifeline and toggle, skull cap/heliograph pocket and fluorescene flap/strap.  Very unusually this example retains the original rubberized fabric dye pack, properly sewn in place.  Whilst it is difficult to examine this insitu, it closely resembles those used by the USAAF on their lifevests but appears to lack the markings normally seen on those.  Excellent original  'Lightning' zip.  It is also fitted with brass 'D' rings for attachment of a dinghy lanyard.  Although this Mae West is complete with a lovely Air Ministry 'Flap Type' label it was never manufactured as one.  It would have been produced soon after they were discontinued in April 1942 and the manufacturer was simply using up existing labels.  A very good '+' to excellent used example.  Stock code MW21332.




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