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    RAF G-type oxygen mask c/w microphone heater

    RAF G-type oxygen mask c/w microphone heater

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    Stores reference 6D/645.  Size medium.  This mask has an early facepiece moulding featuring a distinctive heavily textured upper surface.  The rubber is soiled but remains supple and the overall shape is quite good. There is some inward curling of the facepiece edges with associated cracks/crazing but this isn't too serious.  There is also a crack at the nose and harness/nosewire retaining lugs.  The harness is stretched and only has a little elasticity but retains some colour and has the early figure of eight type mask clip.  Lined with quite clean tan suede.  The mask is fitted with a type 48 microphone assembly (type 25 microphone, loom and socket).  The microphone is heavily paint chipped and the rubber sealing ring hard.  What makes this mask particularly interesting is that it has been fitted with a very rare microphone heater, designed to prevent icing over the microphone, reduce risk of freezing of the mask valves and increase comfort when wearing the mask at very low temperatures.  This is correctly fitted with two holes for the wires burnt or punched into the side of the mask.  Close inspection also shows remnants of a draught excluder shroud close to the oxygen tube screw fixing.  It is most unusual to find a G-type mask fitted with a  microphone heater.  We've had two or three at most in almost 30 years.  Stock code CWO-1.



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