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    RAF type E* oxygen mask

    RAF type E* oxygen mask

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    Stores reference 6D/473.  This is the later variant of the E-mask complete with anti-suffocation/inspiratory valve and an elasticated webbing harness in place of the earlier leather types.  Although there is some general crazing and deterioration the rubber is very supple and in good overall condition.  The mask edges are 95% complete.  The chamois inner edging is complete although lightly soiled.  There appear to have been two different rubber compounds used to produce the E*. One is more rigid and has a shinier finish, the other is much softer, more flexible and has a dull/matt finish.  This is the latter and whilst the overall shape is quite good, the conical tube c/w alloy pipe/valve is somewhat off-set through storage. This is a common occurrance and can often be rectified with time.  The webbing harness is complete though a bit stretched/faded and lacking elasticity.  Fitted with a type 27 carbon microphone in good condition. Please note that this mask is guaranteed to be 100% original and should not be confused with the 'hybrid' masks that have been offered elsewhere in recent years.  Those have original metalwork and harnesses but brand new/reproduction rubber facepieces and linings.  A good / good '+' used example of this type of mask.  Stock code O23122.



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