Militaria Zone

Dealer Information

Dealer: Espenlaub Militaria
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (161) 394-04-55


$2,800 (approx conversion from €2300)

Code: AB-22590


Austrian M1916 Wehrmacht re-issue helmet, camouflage. The helmet was used by Danish resistance, as evidenced by the Danish flag on the front of the helmet. The horns for fastening the armor plate were removed by factory or workshop method.  Below the left hole under the removed horn (on the left side) the Wehrmacht decal is visible, standing in the wrong place and covered by paint.  The helmet is painted with an early splintered camouflage typical for the Wehrmacht.  Underneath of the camo paint some areas open an early light green color (rivets). Completed with M31 liner, 1940 dated with an inner steel ring with a rough leather liner, typical for post-1942 year issue and it's most likely depot repaired. The liner has a marking with size 56 and is also signed by the owner with a faint pencil handwriting. Original Austrian chinstrap loops most likely were removed by the factory method, since the holes were closed with rivets, and they look completely factory or workshop made.  At the same time the helmet has been marked "64" at the right side of the apron. Very interesting helmet in excellent condition.