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    Rare WW2 Palestine Police Force Jerusalem Constables Photograph Album

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    About this item

    For sale is a Rare WW2 Palestine Police Force Jerusalem, Constables Photograph Album starting from 1939 to 1945. This photograph album is complete with 160 photographs, which are contained in an Olive wood Jerusalem scenic front and back photograph album, a great selection of mostly military with several scenic photographs. 

      In the inside cover of this photograph album there is a little handwritten message that states: “This album is the property of P.A.Stephens B/Constable 1203 Palestine Police Force, Jerusalem, Palestine December 1939”. The photograph album has many hand written notes by each of the photographs explaining to the viewer each/ every other photograph.    The first 12 photographs are taken on board the SS Orcades. RMS Orcades was a British passenger ship that Vickers-Armstrongs Ltd of Barrow-in-Furness built as an ocean liner in 1937. Her owner was Orient Line, which operated her between Britain and Australia 1937–39, and also as a cruise ship. The British Admiralty then requisitioned her and had her converted into a troopship. She was Sunk by torpedoes on the 10th October 1942 fired by U-172. British troopship SS Orcades (23,456 GRT) southwest of Cape Town on 10 October. She was first struck by two torpedoes, but following a third hit, a skeleton crew, gunners and volunteers from the passengers remained on board to try and save the ship. They included a Petty Officer telegraphist who sent a second distress call after the radio operators had abandoned their position. In all, Orcades was hit by six torpedoes before sinking with a broken back. Forty-five men died, but there were 1,022 survivors who were saved by SS Narwik. So these first 12 photographs are very rare, and one of a kinds! These first 12 photographs are of the “6” Naval and anti aircraft guns on board SS Orcades, Deck Tennis on SS Orcades, Swimming pool on SS Orcades, View from B deck in SS Orcades, Fishing at Portsaid Egypt raven from SS Orcades, B/C Smith somewhere in the Med SS Orcades, Swimming Pool on SS Orcades, Offices of the british Admiraty portsaid egypt, Gibraltar after sunset taken from SS Orcades, SS Orcades drawing into port said Egypt”.    This photograph offers an insight into the daily life of the Palestine police force!   The other photographs are titled in order from photo 13 onwards as; “B/C’s Larman and Stephens Jerusalem, De. Lesseps statue port said taken from SS Orcades Egypt, Us again take at depot and training school Jerusalem, Italian Liner In the Suez Canal, Port Said Egypt, Egyptian police El-lanyard Egypt, Room Mates, Palestine Police band as seen from barrack window mount Scopus Jerusalem, room mates again, Room Mayes, Recreation field mount scopus, Lewis machine gun practice, in the old city Jerusalem, Jewish memorial Jerusalem, from Billet window Jerusalem, view from barrack window mount scopus, view from Jerusalem from king George V avenue, Syrian orphanage, Anzac Day Jerusalem, Aussies band Anzac Day Jerusalem, black watch Anzac Day, Inspection of Central Police station billet police club Jerusalem by his excellency the high commissioner of police & prisons with s.p and d.s.p Jerusalem, temple area old city Jerusalem, taken at the c.p.o Jerusalem, taking at the wailing wall Jerusalem, tel-aviv beach 1940, general view from C.P.S billet Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv Palestine, wreck Tel-aviv, nanky roof of cps Jerusalem, wreck tel-aviv, Ariel view of Jerusalem Jewish cemetery, silwan village nr Jerusalem, wreck at two-aviv, Jewish cemetery Jerusalem, Allar camp Palestine, overlooking silwan village near Jerusalem, police armoured car from C.p.S billet Jerusalem, Wadi Allar Palestine, Allar Palestine, A Rest, M.P.S.F Ramallah, meditation Allar Palestine, the latest recruits, Ramallah Palestine, rest & on the March again Palestine, Emir Abdullas body guard in Jerusalem, room mates in c.p.s Jerusalem, look out tower north Allar, Ben juhuda Jerusalem, a load of Tiben, Allar camp Palestine, barbed wire at Allar camp, Wadi Ein-Farah escort to P.W.D in Palestine, wadi ein-Farah Palestine, two of the pumping stations burnt down during the 1936 disturbances, the turrets ramallah m.p.s.f, deir Es-shaar monastery, the orchard m.p.s.f ramallah Palestine, on patrol, wadi fhukhine, prisoners and escorts m.p.s.f ramallah Palestine, wadi fukhine Palestine, barbed wire at Allar, snow at ramallah, just leaving, on the way, at the slope dier Ed shaar Palestine, Jerusalem first snow for 20 years, posing at ease, posing slope arms, the German church Jerusalem, c.p.s Jerusalem, truby, snow in the old city Jerusalem January 1942, taking my own picture, temple are old city Jerusalem, the suicide squad Palestine, old acre Palestine, old city walls Jerusalem, street old city Jerusalem, mosque of Omar in old city Jerusalem, market day at heroos gate Jerusalem, old Roman ruins Amman Transjordan, Amman trans Jordan, police Palestine Egyptian frontier, Syria + Lebanon October 1942, view from hotel window place des canons Beirut, fruit market from hotel Beirut, taken in Beirut, centre of Beirut place des canons, the docks at Beirut, the Roxy cinema Beirut, the suq Damascus Syria, taken at Damascus, street of St John Damascus, merje square Damascus, front of Omayad mosque Damascus, Tomb of St John damascus, traffic policeman of Damascus, azem palace damascus, old gate way damascus, sultan Sekina mosque damascus, the death monument of descarpentries damascus, inside of omayad mosque damascus, pigeons rock Beirut, place des canons Beirut, the cabby Beirut”.    P.A.Stephens served with the Palestine police force from 1936 until 1945, serving in a number of regions including Palestine, Jerusalem, Syria, Damascus, Lebanon, Israel Etc. This photograph album contains a huge range of subjects mostly of military.    This will be sent via special delivery and dispatched within two working days.

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