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    Antique Austrian Mannlicher 1886 Rifle for Restoration

    Antique Austrian Mannlicher 1886 Rifle for Restoration

    $230 (approx conversion from £175)

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    Antique Austrian Mannlicher 1886 Rifles for Restoration

    These are complete with correct pattern steel replacement (non-firing) bolts.

    These 11.15mm x 58R obsolete rifles were the first straight pull bolt rifles introduced by any nation and the first magazine repeating rifle adopted by the Austrian Military. Production only lasted for 2 years as it was a period of very fast development and they were replaced almost immediately by the higher velocity Model 1888.

    These have worn stocks with dents and abrasions and some cracks, the metalwork is rust stained and some missing minor parts. With TLC, they would clean up to make nice wall pieces at a very realistic price for such a historic antique rifle. OA 132cm, Brl 80cm.

    An Antique Obsolete Rifle – No Licence Required for Collecting

    £175 + £18 P&P

    19th Century


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