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    Italian Beretta 7.62 NATO BM59 MkIA Assault Rifle

    Italian Beretta 7.62 NATO BM59 MkIA Assault Rifle

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    Italian Beretta BM59 MkIA Garand Derivative Assault Rifle.

    Post WW2 the Italians produced the standard M1 Garand rifle. When the US adopted the M14 rifle, the Italians decided to redesign the M1 Garand and modify it into the NATO calibre with a box magazine. The result was the Beretta BM59.  Early examples were built using M1 Garand parts and later Beretta introduced their own full production. The MkIA examples have the Beretta tri-compensator, extra grenade sight, folding bi-pod, 20-shot box magazine, extra integral winter trigger, fire-selector lever and butt-trap with oil bottle. These examples are Very Fine Condition with minor stock storage bruising and are complete with their original Arsenal storage foil packing.

    DEACTIVATED to current EU 2018/337 specification, with moving parts but non dry-firing, complete with EU/UK Certificate.  OA 110cm, Brl 60cm

    Original Price £845

    Discount 29%, Saving £246

    Offer Price £599 + £20 P&P



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