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    Rare Sterling SAR 80 Selective Fire Assault Rifle

    Rare Sterling SAR 80 Selective Fire Assault Rifle

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    Rare SAR 80 Selective Fire Assault Rifles

    The Singapore Assault Rifle (SAR) was collaboration between British Sterling Armaments and Chartered Industries of Singapore. It occurred because Chartered Industries gave up production of their licensed version of the M16 rifle due to restricted sales and they requested a replacement. Sterling provided them with their Light Automatic Rifle design which they had shelved when they received a licence to produce the Armalite AR-18. Some 20,000 rifles were used in Singapore plus export orders.

    The SAR is a 5.56 NATO selective fire rifle with high impact furniture and pistol grip, the body with Sterling crackle black finish, fire selector lever, 30-shot magazine, flash eliminator and sling swivels. Military used but in Excellent Condition.  DEACTIVATED to current EU 2018/337 Specification, with moving parts but non dry-firing, complete with EU/UK Certificate.  OA 97cm, Brl 50cm.

    Used in conflicts: The Sri Lankan Civil War, The Yugoslav Wars, The Somali Civil War. They have even turned up with Somali Pirates.

    Original Price £575

    Discount 18%, Saving £105

    Sale Price £470 + £20 P&P



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