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    Antique early 19th Century Indian Sikh Talwar

    Antique early 19th Century Indian Sikh Talwar

    $110 (approx conversion from £85)

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    A Significant Purchase of Antique early 19th Century Indian Sikh Talwars

    Rescued from a forgotten Armoury in Rajasthan, these historic swords have been saved, hand cleaned and restored to their former glory. The Northern Indian States have had a turbulent history, not only waring between each other but also with the British East India Company in such battles as the Anglo Sikh Wars of the 1840s and the famous Indian Mutiny of 1857.These swords have lived through and been used throughout that entire era. If only they could talk.

    Saved and Restored to Excellent Bright Condition. Average Size OA 85cm – 90cm.  Slight variation in style.

    Buy a Piece of Colonial History.

    £85 each Post Free to UK Mainland
    Valid to August 10th 2020 Only While Stock Last

    19th Century


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