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    Original WW2 RAF External Wiring Loom + Receivers and Microphone

    Original WW2 RAF External Wiring Loom + Receivers and Microphone

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    A scarce original RAF external wiring loom fitted with a pair of original receivers, bell plug and type 48 microphone. 

    The loom itself is a light tan coloured Q type external loom as usually used with the B type, early C type and D type helmets. It is in good condition with signs of wear and use as shown in the pictures.

    Standard RAF receivers are fitted and bear the stores code 10A/13466 as well as the Air Ministry AM and crown marking. They are also in good condition and appear to be complete and untouched but do have some superficial marks and scoring to the exterior. 

    A type 48 microphone is fitted to the loom which is in average condition with signs of use and age. The rubber dust cover has perished into a hard mass. This could be removed although it may be more prudent to change the microphone completely. 

    Finally is the bell plug which is again in good condition with some signs of wear and use. 

    A nice original and complete set including an external loom which is now becoming very hard to find. 



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