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    General API information / who is the API for? API vs data import

    What is an API?

    An API (or "application programming interface") is a technical tool used by web developers to automatically integrate with websites.

    In our case, it is a tool that your web developer can use to make it so that when you add an item to your website, it is automatically added to Militaria Zone too.

    If you have a website with Antiques Web Design by ph9 (www.AntiquesWebDesign.com), then you will automatically have integration with Militaria Zone and you do not need to use the API. Please contact us for details if your account needs activating (note if you have a ph9 website your integration with Militaria Zone is only activated after your website goes live).


    Who can use an API?

    APIs are technical interfaces, and intended for web developers to use to automate things (like adding products) for their clients.

    An API does require an experienced web developer at your end.


    Can you integrate my website with the API for me?

    We do not do the API integration for you at your end; you will need your own experienced & competent web developer to do this unless you have a website designed by us in which case API integration comes as standard and inclusive.


    Are there any alternatives to get my products uploaded?

    As you need a tech savvy web developer to integrate with your existing website for you, using an API is not for everyone.

    We have a data import service where we can BULK import all your products from a spreadsheet, CSV file, or in some cases other marketplaces. This isn't a free service, and a fee for each import does apply. Please contact us for details.