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    Original 1945 Dated RAF War Service Dress Blouse - Size 11

    Original 1945 Dated RAF War Service Dress Blouse - Size 11

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    An original Royal Air Force War Service Dress Blouse made in 1945 and in outstanding condition.  

    This pattern of jacket came into service in late 1940 listed as 'Suits, Aircrew' before being re-designated 'War Service Dress' in 1943, remaining virtually unchanged. The blouse features the metal slider waist buckle, RAF style scalloped pocket flaps and a pair of hook and eyes to close the neck. Standard Black horn buttons are fitted to the jacket.  

    Inside the jacket the original label is present and is still bright and legible. It states the size of the jacket as 11. The manufacturers name is 'M & N Horne Ltd ' below which is the 1945 date and the War Department broad arrow marking. 

    The jacket is in nice excellent condition with next to no signs of wear or use. It is still the deep blue coloured it would have been when new and is not washed or faded out.

    All in all an excellent example of a wartime RAF WSD Blouse which displays exceptionally well. This would make a fine addition to any RAF collection. 



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