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    Italian Fascist Youth (GIL) Dagger

    Italian Fascist Youth (GIL) Dagger

    $480 (approx conversion from £350)

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    Italian Youth Oganization (GIL) Dagger

    An excellent example of the type the Dagger has cast brass hilt fittings featuring a well detailed eagle head pommel, feather motif back strap floral design ferrule, and plain, straight crossguard show virtually no surface wear and with a plain pommel nut. The eagle’s eyes are detailed with red gem stones, one of which is missing.

    The black wooden grip shows light surface wear, but no cracks or chips and is complete with six triple brass wire wraps.

    The straight, plated, un-fullered blade is in excellent condition with no damage and no signs of sharpening. The ricasso is without a maker’s name, typical of this second pattern.

    The leather scabbard is in very good condition but with the upper end of the belt loop pulled through from the rivet.





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